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Treatment starts soon…

I finished a slew of phone calls yesterday that set up my Tysabri treatments. Today, I got a call from my neuro telling me that my stuff is in and when can I come in? Exciting stuff. Of course their times and mine don’t line up for this next treatment, I’m going to have to ask work to give me a day off that is already scheduled. I’m really excited to get this started.


I can’t believe how many hoops have to be jumped through to start the treatment. A pharmacy selected by my insurance company called to make sure I was OK with them supplying the medicine. Umm, NO! I have total devotion to another nameless pharmacy! That was odd, but I had another voicemail from the company that makes the medicine so I had to call them back too.

They have assigned me a case worker for the treatments. Once they start, they will assign a support staff, or something for the treatment. I have never heard of so much baggage to go along with a treatment before. Tree, there is a rather nasty complication that can occur, namely death, but it has only occurred in a third of a percent of the people that have taken it. A third of a percent, I think there is a higher probability of dying on the way to work.


Anyway, I’m excited. With any luck I’ll actually get some healing out of this. Odds are it will prevent me from getting worse. In any case, it does feel good to be doing something.

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