This stuff is like crack

    I’ve been talking about the addictive nature of some
pomegranate blended juices from a company called POM. I tried a sip or
two of their latest concoction, a cherry and pomegranate mix. I drempt
about it all night… I kid you not. I finished off my first bottle
tonight and I’ll have to go and get some more tomorrow. It’s supposed
to be good for you, but I’m drinking this stuff cause I crave it. I
couldn’t crave good old (and cheap) OJ could I? Of course not…


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New Times, New Vices

It is about time you became addicted to something. We were starting to worry about you. Please just do not turn into one of those pomegranate snobs.

See you soon,


Well, not that good oj is particularly cheap, but you’re right, it doesn’t compare to the $4 little bottls of Pom I see at the stores.

I think your yuppie nature is getting the best of you. Quick, read some books about bhuddism.

Bhuddism was only practiced by Yuppies here in the states for the longest time. It’s one of the reasons I kind of shyed away from it, didn’t really want to be associated with the people involved…


Oil and Water

Bhuddist Yuppies? I had forgotten just how bizarre the metro DC area is. Here in the Rust Belt those are two very different critters. Yuppies are mimosas, power boats and full service super premium in the beemer. Bhuddists are kept on the Ann Arbor reservation (its best for everyone that way…) A Michigan Bhuddist could not answer the question “How’s that new broker working out?”

The first sign of a snob is the adaptation of an argot. “No thank you, I drink only Pom”…..

Take care,


Re: Oil and Water

I have a feeling that the Bhuddists that you are reffering to are actual Asians in a Terevada community. I was thinking of the rich “Tibetan” white guy that tatooed the symbol of “Peace” on his Corgie because it is the reincarnation of his mother (I kid you not, I had this conversation with a guy a few years back). Typically Asians=real Bhuddist while rich white guys = poseurs, but what else is new?


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