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    Came across the web page of Clay Enos, a former
fellow Ithaca college photo person. He has gone on to do pretty well
for himself, he has lots of high profile clients and subjects. He’s a
hell of a photographer too. My favorite part of his site is the one
entitled “Mundane”, he has a great eye… His site is now on my links


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Uh, its Clay Enos…

I think you got his name wrong. Is that the guy I ended up selling my darkroom equipment to? His site looks cool. I remember as an incoming freshman, being kind of in awe of him. He seemed so hip.

Re: Uh, its Clay Enos…

Doh, at least I got his name right on my web site. It wasn’t him you sold the equipment to, that was that guy in John Carson’s band. Yeah and to top it off, Clay was always really cool, even to stupid freshmen like I was…


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