The new iPad (I love my job)

They’ve done it again. This one looks like they kept all the good things and added a few more. The software they are coming out with is amazing. Garageband is an 8 track recorder with lots of instruments built in. Remember those old Tascam 4 track cassette machines? For 4.99 and a $500 device you can do full 8 track recordings. In college, I would have killed for the video editing capabilities that iMove for the ipad has. It’s 5 bucks, 5 dollars! The new covers for the iPad are ingenious, can’t wait to see how they actually feel and work.


They showed a video during the keynote that really summed up why I love what I do. It showed a lot of people getting a lot out of their iPad. Autistics learning to communicate, kids learning in school, doctors using them to explain things to patients, and a lot of old fashioned fun. You might think it’s corny, but being able to show people the possibilities that these devices have every day is what keeps me going. How many times a day can you blow people’s minds? How many times can you hear “wow” a day? I sell possibilities and fun, what other job can do that?


This is going to be the year that I get my Apple on. I’ve got a new computer in my sights, an iPad will come, and I’m probably going to get an iPhone as well. Every time Apple announces something new, I get excited. Yes, I want the shiny new things, but the real excitement comes from showing other people what these things are capable of. Tomorrow’s another day at work, hooray!:-)

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