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All moved in

I moved into my new room/apartment yesterday. It’s 3-3.5 times bigger, I have my own “bachelor kitchen”  and my own bathroom. I’m already wondering how I lived in that cramped little room for so long… I can now use my bed for just… sleeping. It was the only furniture I had in the last room. There wasn’t any room for anything else so I was on the computer, watched TV (on my computer), ate, talked on the phone, etc. all in my bed. Now I have an actual comfy chair plus a desk with another chair, and even a tiny eating area. I’m going to be able to set my speakers up more properly than before.

I am now in the basement. There is a huge sliding glass door on one end of the room, but it is under the deck. That, plus the dark panelling really do make this room a bit of a cave. It’s also a bit chilly in here too. While I might need to make use of the space heater for the next several weeks, the summer will be soooo much nicer down here. it was routinely 10-15 degrees cooler down here last year.


All in all I really like the new digs. I can stretch out, I’m pretty well separated from everyone else in the house, and it’s much quieter than I anticipated. Yes, I’ll be paying a bit more in rent, but it’s money well spent. Here’s to better living!

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