The Italians have landed and Go Kelly!!!

I booked some tours today and asked about all of the Italians showing up at once. It was crazy last night, I got out of the internet cafe around midnight and the place was swarming with young Italians. Most of them looked to be between 16(!) and 20, and the clubs were thumping. Apparently it’s like this every new years, they come on the 29th and leave on the 2nd. I wonder what the appeal is, I’m sure 16 year olds can drink in Italy as well. It’s probably just a cheap way to get away from the parents and party. It’s kind of nice, I feel like I’m in an actual vacation spot, and Italian is a nice language to listen to, even if it is usually shouted…

My leg is better today, but still sore. Now it’s an aggravation to walk 10 blocks, not a test of my willpower. I’m keeping up with the motrin and resting it. I’m hoping to go to the capital tomorrow and start seeing some sights! In the meantime, I’ll get some Arabic done (I keep telling myself this, maybe I’ll actually do some) and enjoy the broadband at the cafe:-)

Oh yeah, congratulations to my step sister Kelly! She is expecting her first child and it’s not twins!!!! There was some worry since Patrick’s family has a long history of twins, but they dodged it this time:-) Here’s to a an easy pregnancy and trouble free delivery! With any luck, I’ll be able to come see you before the big day. Until then, you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers…


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