Maltese casinos…

Well, casino at least, I’ve only been to one so far. Hopefully I’ll resist going to any other ones. The one I went to is supposed to be the largest, but it is incredibly small by American standards. They seem to be going for the “classy” feel, it is a pretty subdued atmosphere as compared to the casinos I’ve been in. They have machines scattered around the place, but they aren’t jam packed, I’ve actually had to look to find a machine that I would be interested in playing. I’ve always managed to find something to throw away my money on….:-) The table games are pretty limited, there’s no craps table, which I think is a mistake. It’s always the most exciting table out there, it always has the most energy and noise. I know, that’s really American, but it is fun. All they had was Roulette (Monte Carlo style, no double zero), blackjack, and dragonara poker. I usually camp out at the roulette table and have fun, but with the minimum bet at 5 Maltese Lira (around 15 bucks!), it was a bit too steep for me. I’m used to 50 cent chips… Still, it’s always fun to check these places out, and they managed to get money out of me…

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