Technology is great… sort of

Ok, I had bought the season pass of Battlestar Gallactica from the itunes store while I was in Malta. There’s a new episode available and I’m downloading it right now! Of course it’ll take about 15 hours to download it… I might have it downloaded before the next episode shows up…

Tried to buy some credit on Skype. It will let me call anywhere in the world to any phone for a very reasonable fee, it’s actually free computer to computer. Well, whenever they forward me to the paypal site, they ask me if it’s really me doing this. This annoys me to no end. First of all, even if I was hijacking the account, would I tell them that, no, someone has gained unauthorized use of my account? The big thing is that it kills whatever Skype sent them, so it stops the transaction. Looks like I
ll have to bring a credit card with me next time as Paypal looks like it’s being a real pain in the ass.

Anyway, once I get the Skype thing settled, I hope to be able to call you people! I might even have a number with a voicemail so you can leave me messages. Those of you with broadband, I could call you for free if you have a skype account hint hint hint


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