My silly housmate..

One of the new housemates is from Britain and I’m wondering why he came. He seems to be allergic to everything under the sun, including being gluten intolerant. He went yesterday looking for hypo-allergenic laundry detergent. Dude, what the HELL are you doing in Yemen? I’m a little fond of the place, but I consider myself on the hardy side as far as getting sick goes. He got what I think what we all had, but he got it much worse and had to go to the hospital. There was some worry that he had gotten Malaria when he visited a place down on the Gulf, but it turns out to be just some virus. I spent the night paying attention to my stomach, ooh, was that a gurgle, am I sick? It’s amazing how you can think yourself into an illness sometimes. Anyway, I’m fine, which makes me think I’ve already had whatever he has… We’ll see how long he wants to stay here, he was originally scheduled to stay 6 months. I give him 3 at the most….


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