Technologoy backwardsness…

I had to run some errands at school, and I was struck at how backwards some people are. I had to get some immunizations and I had no clue which ones I needed. Dad scanned my records and emailed them to me. I show up at the clinic and the lady asks for my records. I tell her they are on my computer and she rolls her eyes and says in a not so nice voice “Well, I’ll need to SEE the records to know what to give you.” I whip out my laptop and show her. “I didn’t expect you to have a computer with you..” she says. I then have to show her how to scroll down the email etc. She becomes enamored with my little iBook and starts asking questions. “Is that compatible with an IBM?”
“Well, you can run the same programs on them if you buy the right software, like Office”
“You mean I could type something up, put it on a floppy, and put it in this machine?”
“Err, Macs don’t have floppy drives…”
“Then how do you move files?”
This went on for several minutes. Luckily she got bored rather quickly and let me go. I then had to drop off a dual well cassette deck at a professor’s office. He had paid me for it a while back, but I was just getting around to delivering it today. He wasn’t there, so I asked the secretary if she could let me into his office. “What’s that?” she asked.
“Oh it’s a cassette deck.”
“Is he borrowing it?”
“Actually, he bought it, I’m just bri…”
“Wow, that has two places for cassettes? So you can play two at the same time?”
“Err, no, it’s so…”
“Oh, you mean you can record from one to the other? That’s SO neat!”
I’m not making this up, where have these people been? Right, I’m supposed to be finishing a paper…


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Okay, compared to most of my friends I’m nearly computer illiterate, but Goddamn! A floppy disk?? And I had a dual cassette deck boom box when I was around 12. It must have cost all of $50. How old were these people?

My co worker had never seen sushi before I had some at lunch on Tuesday.

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