Oh how I love Ebay… and 70’s music!?

Usually i get into treasure hunting mode on Ebay, but I am now hooked on selling my crap there. I have almost two days to go on my auctions and I’m at 445 bucks for six things. I’m looking for at least 500, but we’ll see, tis the season after all!
I realized that I had London Calling, The Police, The Best of Blondie, and The Best of Bowie in my car changer. Apearently I’m on a real late 70’s kick. I’m thinking about taking the compliation disc I have in the other slot and putting in Marqee moon by Television or maybe a Patti Smith album. I got to thinking what I remember listening to at the time and what I owned. I have a strong rememberance of the Cars, the Knack, and Blondie on the airwaves. Along with my Beach Boys albums I also owned a handful of Kiss albums (Dynasty, Alive II, and the Ace Freahley picture album), and I think I had (have?) at least one Bee Gees album (Tragedy perhaps?). I’m talking 1979 folks, I know there’s at least a couple of you that read this that were around then, what do you remember music-wise? One of my favorite memories is skating at the roller rink (no kidding) listening to the Disco Duck and Rapper’s Delight. Yeah, I’m old school…
Another confession, I always enjoyed disco music. I was too young to really understand the backlash, later in life I laughed about the whole scene (bell bottoms, leisure suits, lots o’ hair, etc) but still enjoyed the music. It was always a thrill to hear Ring my Bell, anything by Donna Summer, or even Don’t Leave Me This way. Part of it was just the rarity of hearing it on the radio, the stuff just disapeared for 15 years. We’d laugh about it in college (1990-94), but we’d call it a guilty pleasure… It’s really too bad that crap like the You Light Up My Life got more airplay in the 80’s than Donna Summer, my guess that the people that were actually in the disco scene wanted it to go away for some reason. There’s got to be a good book in that story…

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Since I was 3 in 1979, I don’t have much nostalgia for the music of that time. But, from what I’ve read/seen in movies/etc. alot of the disco scene, especially the really famous clubs, was very drug oriented. (Hmm…perhaps like today’s dance club scene?) Maybe that’s why the music was buried? People didn’t want to remember that part of their lives?

No idea how valid that is, just throwing it out there. Besides, it gives me hope that someday techno will die and be forgotten.

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