Some random thouhgts from Yemen

Went to dinner yesterday out on Hadda street. Took a dabob and sat next to the open door. I always feel like I’m in Nam laying down suppressing fire from my huey as the pavement rolls by. You have to pay attention when you’re in that seat though. Whenever someone wants to get out, you have to hop out to allow them to exit. Usually, I would then take their seat, but we had a few women in there this time. One got off, but none of us guys would think about sitting next to the other two women, it just isn’t done. Muslims here are not allowed any physical contact with women that they are not related to or married to. I’m just following along…

Got to the restaurant, told the waiter I wanted hummus, a salad, kabobs and rice. His response was that 4 items was too much food, how about three things. Lucky for him I don’t know how to say what came to my mind in Arabic… “Which one of us is the customer? Give me what I order, hold the attitude!” Instead, i did what I always do, I play the part of the smiling American… I smiled and told him I am a big guy, that seemed to work, although I never did get my rice…

Today I went to the internet place and it hadn’t opened yet, forgot that it was friday. So I wandered around a little. Had a fresh strawberry juice made for me and ate some fresh potato chips. The British were here long enough that fries are call chips. But these were actual potato chips, and boy were they good.

The highlight for today is getting my hair cut. That ought to be interesting…


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