Damn Americans…

Last night I had to stop what I was doing to help out an American guy that had blown a gasket. He had tried to download his pictures from a digital camera at a nearby internet cafe. Turns out that they couldn’t do it, but they made him wait an hour and a half. He came in here (the cafe I usually use) mad as hell, he was yelling and telling me that the guy had tried to charge him 90 riyals, 90 MFing RIAYLS! It sounded like a miscommunication to me, and 90 riyals is about 45 cents, so I immediately classified this guy as a hothead. “it isn’t the amount, it’s the principle…” is what he told me. Anyway, I burned his cds on my computer. He asked me if I was worried about homeland security questioning me when I got back, “After all, that’s what Lind did, he went to Yemen to study..” I said no, I’m pretty obvious, and if they do any research on me at all they’ll see I’m about as American as I can be. Later on he tells me how he’s going up to Afghanistan. Her barely knows any Arabic, he’s a hot head, most likely an asshole, and if there’s one thing that will get you flagged on reentry to the US it is going from Yemen to Afghanistan… He’s gone now, thank God…


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