Punk Rock and Dinah Shore

Here’s one that folks don’t hear a lot. It’s from an Austrailian punk band called the Victims. The song is “Television Addict” and it was released back in ’77. There was a slightly more famous version (at least here in the states)done by the Helicopters, but this is the original.

I love the “snarl” of the guitar. Just goes to show that you don’t have to play super fast to be intense. It surprised me that they were Aussies, I had assumed that they were British. I guess that’s because I’m so used to hearing British punks. There’s a certain sneering and snarling (there’s that word again) that’s only possible with a British accent. Or maybe and Aussie one too…

I’m also blown away by one line in there. Up until this line, I enjoy it as just another great song, but then it gets put into a very specific time frame…

“Just because I watch DINAH SHORE doesn’t mean I need a facelift!”

Good grief, Dinah Shore? That’s… old. That’s stuff my grandmother watched, that’s a TV show that was on before I really paid attention to TV. With that one line I am hit over the head with the fact that this song is 33 years old. That kills me. This music will always be about youth and it’s hard to think that these guys are now in their 50’s and maybe 60’s. I guess my father has the same reaction when he hears the Rolling Stones and even Chuck Berry.

Anyway, enjoy a little obscure punk rock, I’ll post more if I run something worthwhile.

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