Photofinishing costs…

The most compelling argument for going digital is the cost of high quality shooting with film. I’m hoping to take 200 rolls of 120 film with me. That cost really won’t be too bad, it’s do able. The real problem is what it costs to have all that stuff developed. Even if I can get it down to 8 dollars a roll for developing and scanning to cd (my preferred way of doing this), it’s still 1600 bucks. SIGH. Why am I such a snob? I’ll say this, my test shots from my cheapie Russian camera made one of the guys at work question his move to digital, the quality from those big negatives is outstanding. And that was with the old, cheap camera! Can’t wait to see the negs from the big boy… I went out and shot a couple of rolls of film with the Horseman, can’t wait to see what they’ll look like.

Turns out that my step nephews are not going to be here tomorrow at the same time I will be, I have to work… I was hoping to do some oldschool snapshots of them with my Russian beauty. Since the viewfinder isn’t parallax corrected, I will cut off people’s heads and have odd framing until I get the hang of the offset. They’ll look just like all those snapshots from the 30’s and 40’s! It’s fun to be shooting again although I can tell how rusty I am. I have to really pay attention to what I’m doing and it doesn’t help that I’m using new cameras. Gotta practice more before I go!


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