Left handed writing

So far in my (limited) practice writing Arabic, I’ve done pretty well. My latest experiments with trying to resurrect my cursive writing led me to the conclusion that it is much easier to write script with a fountain pen. Since all Arabic is in script, I started to use my fountain pens for that too. In addition, I’ve decided to write all of my Arabic with my left hand.

Why? Well, first of all, Arabic is written and read from right to left, so it is easier to write that way and avoids getting ink on my hands. I’m also going to try out the theories I’ve been reading about mind/body coordination. In theory, if I use the other hand while writing and learning another language, I’ll stimulate new neural pathways in the brain, making learning and retention easier… We’ll see how it goes. For now, I feel pretty good about finally using my left hand for something, I’m completely right handed dominate with everything else.


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