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Oh those wacky Greeks

Remember when Greece’s financial situation became untenable? Remember how the government tried to cut back costs because they ran out of money? We all laughed and jeered at the reaction the Greeks had to this, mass strikes, protests, etc. It was clear to everyone that some things had to change, but the public sector in Greece essentially said that everyone else should sacrifice, not them.


Man, was I glad I didn’t live in a place like that. So imagine my sadness when I read about the issues in Wisconsin. The administration is trying to cut into the deficit they have by lowering costs. They want the public sector folks to contribute to their own retirement packages and pay some of their own health insurance premiums. Keep in mind that those payments would still be half of what the typical private sector employee has to deal with. What was the reaction? Mass outrage from the public sector. There have been comparisons of the governor and Hitler (by the teamsters I think) and teachers comparing him to Stalin. No really… The democrat lawmakers have fled the capital to prevent the bill from coming to a vote.


Once again, the message is, “Our benefits are sacrosanct, even if they are far better than the private sector. Cut something else.” Someone else should pay instead of us, even if they’re only being asked for a small concession. In most places, it is the public sector workers that are bankrupting the state, I’m sure it is the same in Wisconsin. I’m hopeful that this display will further turn the voters against the public sector unions, but I’m not sure that the idea that the state does not have unlimited funds will sink in until the government gets shut down…

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