odds and ends


Wow, 40 years… 1971 really was 40 years ago wasn’t it? That makes the music I grew up with officially “Oldies” radio at this point I suppose.

40 isn’t really hitting me very hard, 30 was much worse. When I turned 30, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had wasted my 20s. I hadn’t done much of anything really. Sure, I had some nice toys, but all I did was work really. Well, my 3d decade was quite a but more eventful. It started out with me going back to school. I decided that I was going to get some sort of degree, ended up getting into the doctoral program of economics. While I loved the subject matter, the academic life didn’t feel right to me, so it was on to plan B. That plan ended up being my trip to Yemen. That was enough adventure for a lifetime…

Of course the thing that has had the most impact on me from my 30’s is my MS. Like I said, my 30s were eventful! I think I’ve called a truce between it and myself. We’re getting along for the most part. MS does make me feel old, but I’m actually in a good place.. I’ve got a great job that I enjoy, my medicines are doing their thing, and everyone keeps telling me how young I look. 🙂


Thanks to everyone that has wished my a happy birthday, let’s go another 40 years!

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