New music

I treated myself to some new music courtesy of my Amazon rewards. I heard a smoking salsa song on the radio the other day and I managed to track down the album. That was a bit of a feat as my Espanol is pretty weak. The song I heard was El Quinto De Beethoven (a fith of beethoven) by te Cresta All Stars. That song is as I remembered it. Unfortunately the rest of the CD is a bit uneven. There are some truly awful songs on there with a couple of pretty good ones. Of course none of the other songs sound like “Quinto..” It’s pretty good I suppose, but not as good as I was hoping for.

Also got Sonic Youth’s eponomously titled first album. A guy I work with told me that it was amazing, that I had to hear it, especially the live stuff. Being a Sonic Youth fan, I went ahead and got it. Eh… It’s OK, but I think that only a die hard fan would really appreciate it. That means that I would have to be in just the right mood. Give me Sister, Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation, or even Evol instead. Maybe my next purchase will be better…


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