Hand writing

I have noticed that my hand writing has progressively gotten worse and worse. That’s really bad since it was never all that good to begin with. I have started to practice writing again. I got a fountain pen and I even tried to write in cursive for the first time in 15 or 18 years. I remembered most of the letters, but I definitely need practice. It’s fun fooling around with this stuff, there’s something very satisfying about writing with a “real” pen. You don’t have to spend a zillion dollars either, I think the one I’m using was all of $25, but it makes a big difference in how it feels to write. I’ve also dug up my ink. Years ago I got on a fountain pen kick. Had some really nice pens too, A Pelikan, a Waterman, and some others. All of them got stolen, I gave up buying fancy pens, but I still had the ink. Good old black, blue/black, and a lovely green. I’ve added a really nice brown to my arsenal, it’s fun and cheap! I’ve been corresponding with my cousin and she’s suffering through my hand writing, but I think it’s getting better:-)


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