My muse has left me…

    I have had no desire to take pictures so far this
trip. I managed to get off a dozen shots of my favorite subject (my
cousin Beth), but I have not unloaded the large format gear at all. I
have been having fun just going places and seeing things, it hasn’t
occured to me to get the cameras out, even my 35mm ones. I was kind of
hoping that going back to where my photo fever started would spark me
again… Since I’ll mostly be on my own tomorrow, I’m going to make the
concerted effort to shoot some, I’ll let you know how it goes…


2 replies on “My muse has left me…”

Lame! 🙂

But, I didn’t even take my camera to Scranton this weekend. I will when I go back in a month or so though. Lots of run-down, poorly maintained buildings to capture. You’d love it. (Gasp! I might even take my medium format!)

I went the entire trip without taking the LF cameras out of their cases… I blame my job. The last time I shot seriously was about 3 months after I quit Penn. I’m hoping that the same thing’ll happen at some point in the future…


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