A turn for the worse…

    Well, Beth had a relapse of paratonsilatitus… or
something like that. Basicly she had to have an abcess in her throat
lanced and drained. Needless to say, she’s in no mood for even talking
let alone going out and having fun. I hope she’s sleeping well, it’s
about the best thing to do right now… SIGH, I’d do just about
anything to make her feel better, but of course there isn’t anything I
can do. Yes, I already got her some flowers, she appreciates the
gesture, but it doesn’t actually improve her situation.
    This kind of put a damper on my day. I also had what
I consider the worst Chinese food I’ve ever eaten. It was at a place
called King Buffet. I know, I know, what did I expect? Well, I was
expecting cheap Chinese buffet food, but this was taken to a whole
other level. Even the Wonton soup was bad. The only worse “Chinese”
food I ever had was when I made the mistake of orddering the “Chinese
stir fry” at a truckstop in Kingman Arizona. I’m willing to forgive
them since it was a truckstop and anyone that is stupid enough to order
Chinese food there deserves what they get. This place on the other hand
billed itself as a Chinese place. SOme would say that I shouldn’t
complain since I could have gotten a weeks worth of food for 6 bucks,
but I think I was overcharged. I’m in no mood to do much of anything.
Think I’ll have a final (formally) Rogan’s pizza and a pint of Purity
Ice cream tonight while watching a game… I leave tomorrow, I’m going
to make an attempt at using my large format cameras on the way out of
dodge, but we’ll see. Be back in the DC area on wed.


2 replies on “A turn for the worse…”

Nothing But Good Times

Wow, the trip went downhill fast! What is next, freezing rain? Exploding car? Locusts?

I see you are enjoying the “Philly Cheese Steak Syndrome”, based on the fact that those who grew up on those grease-infused soggy blocks of goo love them. The next time you are around a Philly native, whisper “cheese steak” into their sleeping ear. Watching a sleeping adult drool is good for blackmail.

Chinese Stir Fry. Truck Stop. Kingman, Az. There are at least 7 problems with any combination of the above.

Something to look forward to, my favorite definition of Middle Age: “Given the choice between two enticements, I always pick the one that gets me home earlier”.

Take care

Groan… I didn’t take my large format cameras out when going home because… I wanted to get home as soon as possible. I guess I’m middle aged. 68 is a little young, I’m hoping to stretch it out a little further than that!


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