Interesting new music…

    Heard a cd from Loretta Lynn and Jack White today.
Yes, that’s the coal miner’s daughter with the business end of the
White Stripes. Apparently she won a Grammy or something silly like that
for this album. The country stations won’t touch this which makes me
the more interested in it… Talk about genre bending, it is pretty
much straight up country most of the time, but it seems a little darker
and it gets “heavy” the way only Jack White can make it. I’ll probably
pick this one up at some point, hopefully it’s got that fat analog
sound that the White Stripes have on their albums…


One reply on “Interesting new music…”

I heard a song from that album on an online radio station, and then the next day caught part of a video for it on the Country music video station. I liked it quite a bit. Not sure which song it was though.

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