Gahhhh! Ebay….

    OK, I’m going to just stop now, no really I am! Lots
of tubes coming my way, enough for the forseeable future certainly. In
addition to my saving for my big trips and paying off my loan, I’m
going to concentrate on my upcoming trip to Ithaca and when I come back
I will start to accumulate the necessary parts for building some amps.
The transformers will the most expensive part, but there’s all sorts of
other fiddly things I need too. Tube sockets, hookup wire, resisters,
capacitors, fuses, terminal strips, etc. I’m not even going to worry
about a chassis until I get something that works.
    Speaking of working, I’m hoping that I can finish
wiring my preamp today. I do have a problem though, I don’t have much
hope of it working right off the bat but I don’t know if I want to
spend the time trouble shooting it. It would be different if I really
wanted a preamp, or needed one, but I don’t. Well, we’ll see what


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