I’m such a snob…

    I was looking at some of the “matches” the computer
came up with for me on this internet dating thing. One woman said that
she couldn’t live without good music, especially Dave Matthews! Before
I even realized it, I had clicked the button to eliminate her from the
list… At first I felt a little bad about it, but upon further
reflection, I really don’t…
    I was burning a cd for a friend at work and I
realized that I didn’t have my best of Buddy Holly or the Velvet
Underground’s second album in my iTunes collection. How did that
happen? Now I have to stay up a little later to make sure that I have
them imported. I’ll sleep much better:-)


2 replies on “I’m such a snob…”

Apearently you missed my recent post about the My Chemical Romance song “Helena” (which I bought thank you very much). Recent albums that I have my eye on include the latest White Stripes and the newest Franz Ferdinand. The Ferdinand would truly be a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure none the less… I try to listen to good music from all times, it’s just that there’s been quite a bit of it made in the past…


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