Excitement, the bad kind…

    It’s a miserable, rainy night… So Rick’s flight
got in late. Not only that, but it came into the wrong airport. His car
is at National and they flew into Dulles. He had to take a cab home…
So it’s 12:45 sat. morning and he still hasn’t gotten home. Mom gets a
call on her cell phone, her business partner’s daughter’s apartment got
broken into while she was there. The poor girl is terrified and wants
to spend the night someplace else. No problem, I’ll go get her, right?
No,  I have no fucking clue where she is and even the mapquest
dieretions confuse me… So, I’m useless basicly. I sit here as Rick
and mom rush out to go get her. I’m sure Rick is sooo glad I don’t know
shit about DC. So I feel bad for her, and I feel bad that Rick is
forced into doing this on a terrible night for him. Bleh….


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