HDTV. Really?

Since I’ve come back and started watching TV again, I’ve been stunned with the hype surrounding HDTV. I actually watch one, and it’s nice. There’s no denying the better picture but honestly, after the first couple of times I saw an HDTV program, I didn’t notice it any more. This seems like a real technical advance, but I don’t think it does much to improve the experience.

One thing that really does improve things is the surround sound that usually comes with the HDTV channels. That’s something I learned way back when I was selling surround sound systems. Even with a so-so TV, the experience could be dramatic with a good sound system. I have fallen in love with concerts on channels like VH-1, with the right system, it is amazing…

So when the time comes for me to buy a TV (it’ll happen eventually) I’ll look for the best deal I can, but I won’t obsess over the picture quality. I will get a nice sound system though…

One reply on “HDTV. Really?”

To me, HD is most noticeable when it’s not there. I’ve caught myself wondering aloud, “What’s wrong with this picture?” Living with Pete has me spoiled, I guess.

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