A Strange Dream

I dreamt that I had come out of something, school, work, something or other and there was a table advertising free pancakes sponsored by the Republican party. I’m no fan of republicans, but PANCAKES! So I wandered over there and sat myself down. There were three older ladies there, very prim and proper, and they looked at me rather circumspectly.

I knew what I was in for, but I waited until the food was there. And like good waiters, they waited until I started eating to start in on recruitment. I don’t remember exactly what was said (you know how dreams are) but they amounted to complaining about the moral decay of the nation (an argument I haven’t really heard in a couple of years thank God), the importance of protecting America’s interests abroad, and the general faith of electing the right people to carry out the right projects.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to point out that the Democrats had just as much faith in that last thing as the Republicans. I then asked them what Barry Goldwater would have thought of that. I had fun telling them that I would have voted for Goldwater (especially considering his opponent) but the Republicans hadn’t produced another guy worth electing since then.

The ladies didn’t have any idea on how to respond since the current republicans (minus Ron Paul) are much more like the democrats than their historic record. Seriously, can you think of too many differences between W. and LBJ? Expanding wars, rapidly growing government, and most of all, an abiding sense that the government can “fix” any problems that came up.

This is the real reason I can’t get excited about this election. Both parties sound almost alike to me in most things. It also amuses me when someone bitches about how so and so in office is ruining things by his policies. It never occurs to people that someone they don’t like will eventually be in office. It also never occurs to people that the only sure fire way to avoid political policies that they don’t like is to make sure that whoever is elected has precious few opportunities to enact policy. Smaller government with less power is the way to avoid corruption and to avoid power creep, especially with the party you don’t like in power.

With my little speech over, I woke up. And then I went and made pancakes…

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