ESPN is no longer necessary

There was a time in my life when ESPN was God’s gift to TV. I watched it every day. They had the best sports news shows, great coverage of hockey, and had really interesting on air personalities. Now, the barely mention hockey let alone show any, and with the possible exception of Linda Cohen, the on air personalities are pretty uninteresting. Strike that, they are mostly annoying. These days, they are the all football, basketball, poker, and college sports station, none of which interest me in the slightest.

Now that there is both the NHL network and MLB network, I have very little reason to tune into ESPN. Sure, I’ll watch the occasional baseball game on there, but I will switch over to MLB network for news. I’m sick of ESPN’s all Yankees and Red Sox coverage. I watch the cubs on WGN, the Capitals on CSN, and other games on other networks.

Sorry ESPN, you’re irrelevant these days.

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