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Chinks in the shaving cartel’s armor

How often do you wince when you go buy shaving supplies? How often have you noticed the quality of the older, perfectly adequate, blades go down after the introduction of the newest multi-bladed contraption?

I got on a kick the other night trying to figure out why the ultimate shaving system hadn’t been invented yet. Turns out that it has been, and quite a while ago. The straight razor is capable of giving you the best shave that you can get. On top of that, you only ever have to buy it once! The folks over at straight razor place have all of the info you’ll ever need on the subject. It turns out that for a little over a 100 bucks, you could be set for the rest of your life when it comes to your razor.

Too scary? Too much work with all of the stropping and honing and whatnot?Well, there’s always the so called safety razor. These are the once ubiquitous razors that take double sided razor blades. By all accounts, they shave as well as, if not better than the newer many bladed razors of today. The best part? You can get the blades for about 18 cents a piece if you’re willing to buy a bunch of them at once. Here’s a little trick that my dad told me; once you think the blade is too dull, just flip it over! I think that skin acts like an excellent stropping material, making the other side a great shaving surface.

Don’t forget the shaving cream! Use shaving soap instead of the stuff in cans. Just doing this will get you a much nicer shave. The soap is incredibly cheap, wal mart sells a shaving set that has the soap, brush, and a cup for the soap for $7.50. Soap refills are around $2.50. It’s like shaving with skin lotion! Not only am I getting a closer shave, but my face feels great afterwards as well.

And this isn’t just for the guys, you ladies can benefit from this old technology too! So far I’ve only tried the soap. Once I run out of blades, I’m ordering a safety razor. One day, I might try a straight razor, but luckily for me I don’t have a very tough beard, so I doubt that it’ll be necessary. Stop spending so much money for inferior products! Go back to basics, you’ll thank me!!!

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