Are churches "feminine?"

I was chatting with my friend Dana last night and I mentioned that I was going to start going to a book club in an Episcopal church. She said, “Good, we need more men.” By “we” she meant the Episcopal church. I’m not going to become one BTW.

I’ve never felt right being in church and I’ve never figured out the appeal. I’m not alone either, churches are predominantly attended by females. Would you believe mother’s day is the day with the highest attendance? Not Easter, not Christmas, mother’s day… It seems that that is the one day that women can reliably drag their husbands off to church.

I wonder why this is? I mean, I don’t know why anyone goes to church, but why are more women drawn to it than men? Is there something inherently feminine about church? Or is there something that inherently appeals to women? I don’t really know, think I’ll do a little digging around and se if anyone has any theories. But first of all, I have to get some sort of idea as to why people go to church in the first place…

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Are churches feminine? Obviously, you are not familiar with Margaret Cho’s work on the subject. I will quote her as best as I can remember:

“The Pope has the nerve to be against gays. The Pope, who lives in Italy with a bunch of men, surrounded by the world’s finest antiques, dressed in gold robes with matching hats. Queen, please!!!”

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