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Another ridiculous Obama ad

I just saw another Obama campaign ad talking about jobs shipped overseas. This one laments that workers in the Carolinas the sewed the American flag had their jobs sent overseas. They lost not only their jobs, but their “dignity” as well.

Where to start? OK, first of all, those people were either going to lose their jobs to increased mechanization or outsourcing. Odds are that the investment in new machinery was too expensive, so the company could either outsource the labor, or go out of business. Would Obama rather have had the company go under? The idea that we can force companies to keep employees when it is not viable and not to have any bad consequences is naive and comical…

Second of all, and this may be what gets me more wound up, is since when are companies responsible for the “dignity” of their workers? More importantly, since when is the federal government responsible? This has to be one of the more obvious examples of the government overstepping it’s bounds. Dignity is up to the individual, not their employers and certainly not the government. I wish that there was at least the suggestion that the government cannot do certain things let alone hint that there are things that it shouldn’t do….

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