Well, it’s over. I think I did well enough on the
exam. There weren’t any major freezes on my part, unlike last time. If
he grades like he did on the first exam, I’ll probably get a c. That
combined with a B- on the paper should get me a c in the class. I’ll
take it! Found out today that they will allow you to get three c’s in
the program. Any more than that and you’re out… I think  I’ll be
OK, this was my toughest class I think.
    Ah yes, freedom, what to do with it? I know, I’ll
clean this hellhole I’ve let my living quarters become, and I’ll finish
that preamp project I’ve had on hold for the last 5 months… I should
hit the books this break too. Need to brush up on on my stats and
linear algebra before econometrics next semester. In the meantime I’ll
be back at work full time, money is good I guess…
    Speaking of money, I will be out of credit card debt
for the first time in years this month! I’ve never been one to hold
back on buying myself stuff, but I’ve manages to go on an austerity
plan and pay back everything while working fewer hours. Of course
selling some crap helped too… Anyway, I hope I can be good now that
I’m used to being poor. We’ll see…


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