OK, sorry about the last entry. It was all but
unreadable due to poor writing and nonexistant formatting, I’ll try to
do better from now on…:-) Kenji says my camera is all ready, woohoo!
I’m going to try to get some pictures over break with it, we’ll see how
that goes. I need some stuff in order to process the negs and make
prints, but I think it’ll be pretty cheap. I’m going real low tech,
contact printing so there’s no enlarger. I’m on the lookout for a cheap
35mm enlarger actually. That’ll allow me to make the occaisional print
from 35mm and be able to use contrast filter for printing my contacts.
I do have a 4×5 enlarger, but it’s a beast. I have no room for it…
    Tomorrow is the day, the math econ final… I’ve
been studying my brains out for it, to the detriment of my other
classes I’m afraid. I don’t think I did very well in my micro final,
certainly not as well as I should have… Anyway, I think my main
problem with the math is that I simply don’t think that way. I can do
various techniques with varying degrees of success, but I can’t arrange
my thoughts like that. As I look over my class notes, I realize that I
can do all the math that’s required, but I never would have thought of
doing it in the way he did in class. Of course that’s what the whole
class is about, so I’m trying not to panic. I feel OK about the test
mostly because I know what to expect and how to take it this time. I
think a C is within my grasp if i play my cards right. Wish me luck, I
need it!


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My son must be a millionaire. 20″ screen and new computer and laptop, not to mention valet parking. I’d settle for the valet parking, but they don’t have that at Walmart. Just kidding Isaac. I know technology is in your blood if not (obviously) in your genes.

I wish

You’ll notice that I could only afford the $5 parking… I really want the monitor, but I have no idea how I’ll pay for it…


Check out

Hey Isaac,

You might check out from time to time. They always have a good selection of user reported deals aimed at the Mac audience. That’s where I found a 23″ cinema display for one of our edit suites at the university. It was a display model coming back from a trade show at my local MacMall. I picked it up for $1300. Expensive but still cheaper than the $1800+ Apple sold it for at the time. You might also take a look at Formac monitors. I believe they have a less expensive but respectable lcd out now. If I see a good deal, I’ll let you know about it.


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