You never know what you’ll find while flipping channels

    Last week it was Battlestar Galactica, tonight it
was my friend John Dicker on C-Span. Actually, it might have been
C-Span2, but in any case, he was reading from his book, “The United
States of Wal Mart” and answering questions. He was his usual
entertaining self, and it sounds as though his book is well written.
I’m glad that he mentioned several times that labor relations, market
economies, manufacturing jobs, etc, are very complicated topics and do
not have simple solutions. I have told several people that I am going
to get this book, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to read it. I’m too
free market minded to really care about labor issues and the exporting
of manufacturing jobs. Things end up being done in the most efficient
manner if left to their own devices, and I’m convinced that everyone
benefits by this in the long run…
    On a completely different note, I picked the wrong
day to drink a lot of coke. I was feeling pretty tired at work, so I
got a (rather large) coke with lunch. I don’t drink much caffeine, so I
knew that this was going to wind me up for the night. Unfortunatly, the
power went out around 8:30ish, and I had nothing to do. I tried calling
a few people, then I went on a rather brisk walk. Eventually the power
came on and I could get back to listening to music and screwing around
on the computer. I’ll be up late tonight….


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