Yesterday and today

We went for a bit of a walk yesterday. I figured we could check out the parish church in siggewli and then walk to the dingli cliffs. Well, the church was closed so we started out on our walk. Saw a lot of nice countryside and ended up at some nice cliffs. We had to stop there though, there didn’t appear to be a way to walk all the way to the dingli cliffs. We did see a sign for the blue grotto, and since we were rather hungry at that point, we decided to go eat at the restaurant that we remembered seeing there. 2 to 2 1/2 miles later we were there. It was a lovely walk, perfect weather and beautiful Mediterranean landscape but we were really hungry and thirsty. We figure we walked 5-6 miles that day…

Today we decided to go up and visit the shrine that evaded us the day we spent in St. Paul’s bay. It was quite nice, the icon is supposed to have been painted by the apostle Luke… We then headed back to Valetta to see the Paul’s shipwreck church again. It is one of our favorite churches here. Saw that, went to a rather nice set of gardens up on the SW corner of the fort. From there we could see some other fortifications that were a little off the beaten path. It took some doing, but we got down to them and saw some stuff that most tourists do not. Another good day…

Beth leaves tomorrow, SIGH. I’ll miss you sweetie, good luck in school!!! I leave the day after tomorrow. No sleeping at Dean’s place this time, My flight doesn’t arrive in Dubai until 12:30 in the morning and I leave at 7 that morning. I figured that it would be easier to just spend the night. I’ll be a little bleary eyed when I get back to Yemen, but at least it’ll just be me, not the both of us (Dean and I). Oh well… I guess I should refresh my Arabic since I did almost none of it over this vacation… Tomorrow I’ll work on updating all of the descriptions of my Malta pictures and post my final thoughts on Malta.


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