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Writing again… hopefully

It’s been a while, a long while since I’ve done any writing. I’m going to try to get started again. I finally feel like I’m capable of putting something intelligent out there again but I suppose you’ll be the judge of that. I’ve overhauled the website, it’s still a work in progress so please bear with me.


I’ve also made a few other blogs for more specialized topics. This one will still be my catch all, economics, music, general thoughts, etc. I have a blog specifically about called ADNViews. is the social media service that I have been using the most recently. There’s a lot going on there, if you’re curious you can check it out or listen to the podcasts I have made about it. . I have also made a new blog called Through Complexity that I hope will explore just how complicated things really are. Too often we think we know what’s really going on and therefore know just how to fix things. I think there is too much hubris and not enough humility when it comes to things like the economy, politics, justice, etc. Haven’t posted there yet, but things are percolating…


One of the many things that has allowed me to do is make podcasts! I will drop them into these blogs if I think they’re appropriate. Sometimes you gotta say stuff instead of writing it… OK, enough blogging about blogging, time to get to writing!

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