Wow, where’ve you been Google?

I had noticed my daily hit rate on my site had been going down recently. The other day, a Google bot crawled my website and suddenly I’m getting all sorts of hits. Not only are some of my old popular pages (demand curves, profit is important, in defense of black sabbath, etc.) getting hit again, but Im getting hits on pages that never got them before. I have no idea why my numbers dropped off so much, but I’m amazed that the Google bot has done as much as it has. Glad it stopped by!

One other thing that is interesting, about 30% of visits to my site last longer than 5 minutes. That may not sound like a big deal, but it means that people are reading stuff. Here’s an amazing statistic, as of tonight, 10% of the last 200 visits to my site have lasted longer than an hour! That makes a guy feel good!

One reply on “Wow, where’ve you been Google?”

I do hope that your stats take into account feeds as well. I don’t get to your site to comment as often as I should but, thanks to the magic of RSS, I do get my dose of Isaac delivered right to my mailbox. Hope that counts…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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