Warren, over at Coyote Blog pulls no punches when talking about the bailout. Here’s his response to a democratic friend of his lamenting the republicans not getting together to pass the bailout…

“I find it surprising that you take this administration on faith in its declaration of emergency in the financial sector. You’ve lamented for years about the “rush to war” and GWB’s scare tactics that pushed, you felt, the nation into a war it should not be fighting, all over threats of WMD’s that we could never find. You lamented Democrats like Hillary Clinton “falling for this” in Congress

But now the mantra is the same – rush, rush, hurry, hurry, fear, fear, emergency, emergency. Another GWB declared crisis in which the country needs to give the administration unlimited power without accountability and, of course, stacks of taxpayer dollars to spend. A decision that has to be made fast, without time for deliberation. Another $700 billion commitment. And here the Democrats go again. Jeez, these guys may have the majority in Congress but it is sure easy for GWB to push their buttons when he wants to. Heck, Pelosi is acting practically as the Republican Whip to get GWB’s party in line.

This is Iraq without the body bags, and without the personal honor of brave soldiers in the trenches to give the crisis some kind of dignity.”

So Warren, what do you really think? I think he overstates why dems are chomping at the bit for this bailout, but still, it makes one wonder. You’d think we’d learn by now….

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