Worried about where our money is going in the bailout?

So is Russ Roberts over at Cafe Hayek. Like a true Hayekian, he understands the real information comes from the bottom up, not from the top down. This bailout bill is massive, there is no way any one person, or even a group can keep tabs on this and actually track where the money goes. So there is both a Wiki and a blog set up in order to take advantage of the wisdom of crowds. Ultimately, they will try to use these tools to keep track of the money that is disbursed by letting all people participate.

It’s an ambitious project, but it’s really the only hope we have of keeping track of things. This is also a non-partisan thing. Even though the democrats are the ones advancing this, I’m sure there will be many bones thrown the republicans’ way to grease the political wheels. Pork is an affliction shared by both parties…

So feel free to keep tabs on them, and if you know anything, or know anyone that would know something, please participate!!!

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