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Why is Obama spreading fear?

His remarks today basically amount to, “OMG! We need to do something now or else things will crash and burn! We need to do it now now now!!! Can’t you see how bad things are getting?”

A big part of consumer confidence is just that, confidence. If the next president, this so-called agent of hope and change, is saying that the end is near, are we so surprised that people aren’t spending money? Why on earth would they think that now is a good time to make purchases like houses, cars, etc. when the next president is saying we are on the brink of disaster?

So what should he do Isaac? Well, he should reassure us that the economy is going through a change, that things will not be the way they were before. But once those things that need to happen do happen (GM cough cough), the economy will pick up again. Even if that’s not the case, that is the message that he needs to spread, not doom and gloom. He doesn’t have to campaign anymore, he’s got the job.

Of course I know why he’s doing this. He sees this recession as a way of promoting his political aims. By making things sound awful, he makes it more likely that his ideas will come to pass because the politicians have to do something… Ugh…

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