Last week was particularly draining for me. It seemed as though all I did was work and sleep, and I never had enough sleep.. Rick’s party went well, lots of people having a good time. I was introduced to various people as the guy going to Yemen in October. I have done so much reading that the exotic nature of the trip has faded somewhat. It was a bit exasperating to explain to person after person what I was doing. It was also a little weird having one person after another tell me that was nuts and then immediately turn around and say what I was doing was very cool. I don’t really think my trip either crazy or “cool”, but I didn’t expound on that at the party.

Had my first strong desire in a long time to drink today. For some reason a 6 pack of Mike’s hard cranberry lemonade really appealed to me. I actually stood there for a minute or so debating whether or not I should get it. People ask me why I don’t drink and I usually come up with some sort of plausible reason, but the truth is that I’m scared to death of it. I lived with several people that had alcohol problems, that isn’t pretty. Crawford males have a long history of not being able to handle alcohol or of alcohol handling them too easily… So I decided not to get the Lemonade, best not to worry about it.


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Hah, yeah, any time I tell people that I am going to Yemen usually the first reponse is “Where?!” “Yemen…” “Where…?!” “Yemen… In the Middle East” “Ah, why on earth are you going there!”

I find it somewhat amusing, even when I talk to travel agencies, travel health clinics etc they never seem to know what or where Yemen is.

Yeah, I remember the girl at the help desk at Citibank asking me “What country is Yemen in?” Hey, are you there yet? I’m leaving on oct. 29th!


Nope, not yet. Getting close though, about 40 days. I leave on September 6th… Are you studying Arabic yet, or have you studied it? How long do you plan on staying again?

I started a blog, haven’t done a lot with it yet, but will hopefully have lots to talk about when I get there. hah, corny, I know.

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