We’ll know in about an hour..

    OK, Steve Jobs keynote speech will be done in about
an hour an a half. Here’s my predictions on what is going to happen
regarding the whole switch to Intel stuff. Steve will announce the
immediate switch from the Freescale based G4 systems in the laptops and
the Mac Mini. The G4 spec is really a dead end. These new machines will
run under emulation to make the transition seamless. In additon to the
new chipset, the Mac Mini will also get more RAM and a better graphics
    The Powermac range will get a speed bump, and maybe
PCI express. I think for now Apple will leave the G5 systems
alone.  In the future, they’ll decide what to put in the top of
the line systems based on what’s availible. If chip speeds get fast
enough, they may base the Mac line on a virtual CPU and simply use
emulation so that they can use whatever chip specs out the best. It’s
exciting times to be a Mac guy, we’ll see how accurate I am in about 2


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