Weird packages today..

Got a strange assortment of packages today. Finally got a couple of colognes I had been waiting for, a satiny red shirt, and a quartet of 600v 40 amp bridge diodes. Piper Nigrum and Bitter orange round out my cologne collection for now. I’m going to try really hard not to buy any more, certainly not until I get back from my trip. It’s silly really, but I have little willpower when it comes to impulse purchases of scents I like.

The shirt was a bit of a surprise. I got it off of ebay, and the picture wasn’t the best but I got it for a buck. I’ve been looking for a good, deep red shirt I can wear to work. A burgendy, wineish color, but really deep. This shirt sort of looked like what I was looking for. Got it today and it is a wine color, but not very deep, a bit too bright for my tastes. Plus, t has that satiny, shiny thing going on, not sure where or even if I’ll wear it.

The bridge diodes are for my power supply project. All I need are some power resistors and a big variac, and I’ll be able to get a variable bench supply up and running. That lets me experiment on building a power amp. One step at a time… Since today was payday, I am going to order the other parts I need to start building my first amp and complete my power supply. I’ll also buy a bunch of boxes for my naked vacuum tubes. I have accumulated a fair number of them, plus I just disposed of a bunch of moldy, dusty boxes. The tubes need a little cleaning and new boxes to organize them.

It’s funny how I keep accumulating projects to spend my time and money on. I wonder if I’ll be able to get through any of them before I leave…


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