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Weird dreams

And no, I’m not talking about the one I had last night where I was the starting goalie for the Washington Capitals. I did pretty well, only let in one goal and we won the game, but no one gave me any pat on the back for it, nobody said anything…

No, I’ve been having some strange dreams about a girl I knew in high school. People from high school have been making random cameos in my dreams ever since I graduated. They are usually sitting at the next table, say hi to me, or do some other insignificant thing. In all cases, they are either people that I liked or people that I knew but had no real connection with, and they were totally beside the point in the dream.

I’ve had three dreams recently starring a girl that I never liked. The latest one was last night. She always seemed snotty to me, unjustifiably stuck up (she wasn’t very good looking or very bright), and regularly rubbed me the wrong way. I’m quite sure she didn’t think much of me either. She has taken on a prominent role in these dreams, we’ve had long discussions and arguments in all of them.

i hate it when my dreams have stuff that is annoying or uncomfortable, what a waste! I don’t know what to think about these though, in each dream, I start out hating her and by the end we are at least polite. In one, she actually gave me quite a compliment and left me feeling pretty good about myself. I have no idea why my brain is bringing her up at all, I haven’t thought of her since the last time I saw her. On top of that, I have no idea why we go right back to disliking one another and end up appreciating the other one by the end. What sort of random neural firings are going on to cause that?

Anyway, after last night, I’m wondering WTF is going on in my dreams. Why can’t I remember one of the girls I thought was so hot back in high school? Why can’t I wake up thinking that they think I’m wonderful? My brain continues to be a mystery to me…

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