Weird dream last night

I was in a 4 week intensive class learning to be a sommelier. It cost me 5 or 6 grand and somehow I decided that it was worth it for some reason. Turns out that I had a knack for being a wine snob and could match wines with meals really well. Why not, I tend to lean towards the snobbish side of most things it seems… The teacher was impressed with how quickly I picked up the differences in the wines. I even enjoyed the taste of some of them, a real smooth, warm kind of wine. I don’t usually taste things in dreams, but this was pleasant enough. Of course I don’t really drink at all, I can count the number of times I’ve had wine on one hand. It was a pretty lucid dream, no weirdness that usually occurs in dreams. It was odd though, I woke up thinking WTF was that about? I guess I should be happy my dreams are just odd instead of terrible like some people’s…


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