Watching TV tonight

Saw a couple episodes of Mythbusters. Discovery channel was having some sort of marathon or something. They were fun (as always) but I gotta commend Discovery on their spots for “The Most Dangerous Catch” or whatever its called. They had a boy’s choir singing “Sloop John B.” while showing what looks like one of the worst jobs I can think of. Good stuff.

Saw another lame episode of Ghost in the Shell 2nd gig. There was one thing that caught my attention though… The main character is a fully prosthetic woman that is, shall we say, built for speed. She rescues a youngish boy, maybe 13 or 14 by the looks of him. She towers over him and he certainly acts like a kid. He is enamored with the idea of going fully prosthetic in the future, so he asks her lots of questions about it. They end up sharing a bed in a hotel and just before they go to bed he says, “So when you’re fully prosthetic, can you still have sex?” To which the Major (wearing only a skimpy pair of panties) replies, “Care to find out?” Whoa! The kid declines the offer, but it wasn’t what I was expecting… That’s pretty risque, even for a late night show. Too bad the rest of the show wasn’t as edgy or even interesting. Wonder why they’d put that in there, I’m pretty sure the Major is a lesbian, its very confusing… Who knows, maybe they’ll give her character a little more three dimensionality in the coming programs…


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