Wanna buy some photo gear?

OK I put some of my photo junk up on ebay. I’ve got a half frame camera (with a spring wound motor drive!), a grip for a Leica M6, an old Japanese rangefinder, and an old funky brass barreled lens up for auction. NO? I didn’t think so… I’m taking in my new/old 5×7 camera and a handful of lenses in tomorrow for Yamaguchi-san to do his magic. With any luck, I’ll be able to shoot with this camera by winter break… I hope to get some decent pictures of my cousin (and you will sit for me Beth!) and it would be nice to have these lenses available. I won’t actually be using this particular 5×7 camera, have a different one in mind for that, Oi! I hope to use some lenses from around 1913-1920 to bring some of that old fashioned charm into the pictures, we’ll see how it goes.


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