ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is one of the leading proponents of so called “living wage” legislation. Interestingly enough, they requested an exemption to California’s minimum wage laws back in 1995. What was their rationale?

“According to ACORN, this adverse impact will be manifested in two ways: first, ACORN will be forced to hire fewer workers; second, its workers, if paid the minimum wage, will be less empathetic with ACORN’s low and moderate income constituency and will therefore be less effective advocates.”

Umm, and this doesn’t apply to any other business? Un-frickin-believable that they had the gall to try to get around the very negative consequences that they were responsible for bringing about! This is tantamount to them saying, “Yes, what we campaign for is bad for both businesses and workers, but we wouldn’t have any reason for existing if we told the truth, so help us out…”

Luckily, the court ruled against them. Still, how could anyone take that organization seriously when they attempted to get around the very thing they were trying to accomplish? More details here.


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He’s Backkkkkk

Ah yes, ACORN. Nothing like a hypocritical pronoucement to get the juices going. One of my favorites are the clowns who have been cashing a gov’ment check for the last four decades calling for smaller government. However, since you did give this group four paragraphs and a link, you might want to lay off the FOX News ticker for a while.

Am wading through an amazing amount of paper here at work. It is the one drawback to pushing paper for a living. If I miss time for any reason, holidays, illness, vacation, nuclear accident, the paper just waits for me. Didn’t Poe wrote something on this?

Take care,


Re: He’s Backkkkkk

Lol, I agree completely about the slimeballs that talk about smaller government out of one side of their mouth and spend money on silly things out the other side. I almost (almost mind you) hold the guys that don’t have any pretensions of doing anything but spend in higher regard. At least they’re being consistent…


God’s Wrath

Heard a quick bit on the radio. Seems that the mayor of N. Orleans has ascribed Katrina as God’s punishment for black on black crime. However, the Rev. Pat “Diamonds are a Preachers Best Friend” Robertson says that the hurricane was punishment for the depravity in the French Quarter. As the commentator pointed out, the French Quarter was fairly untouched, so we really have to go with the mayor on this one. Sigh, whatever happened to the good old days, where everything was the fault of the Jews, or Catholics, or International Bankers or somebody we could all agree on?

Take care,


Re: God’s Wrath

Yeah, you’d figure that if these guys were so tight with God they’d have something better to do with their time. Besides, if they knew why God did it, why didn’t they know it was coming, or did He only tell them afterwards. It’s right up there with Robertson declaring Sharon’s stroke was God’s wrath. Hey Pat, if you know what’s going through the Big Guy’s mind, how about some lottery numbers or something useful?


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