TV on the computer update

TV still looks great on my iMac, but I’ve noticed something that is giving me second thoughts. It looks as though certain channels are not available through the firewire port. I had always watched sports on CSN, WGN, NHL network, or the MLB network with no problems. I tried watching ESPN the other night and had no luck. The same goes for BBC America (which isn’t available in HD for some reason on FIOS). I can get around the ESPN thing by watching the streaming content on ESPN3 online. The quality isn’t nearly as good, but it is there. The only way around the BBC America thing is to wait until the next day and watch the show after I download it from iTunes. The show is always much better without the commercials, but it’s a bummer having to wait the extra day. Still, I’m not going to buy a TV just for one and a half channels. I should be fine with what I’ve got.

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